About us

We are Asexual, an official non-profit organization since January 15, 2020. This is a non-profit organization founded by and for asexuals in Belgium. In 2021, the non-profit organization has more than 250 members.


In October 2018, Martine Defoort decided that – after waiting 7 years – she could set up an association for asexuals in Belgium herself. Martine bought two domain names, created the websites aseksueel.be and asexual.be, attended workshops for setting up a non-profit organization, set up a Meetup.com page and started meetings for asexuals in March 2019.

A get together for asexuals was organized every month. The first activities were organized in Ghent. At the start, only two asexuals were present at a time, but that number gradually increased.

In September 2019 Martine met new member Marleen. Marleen was immediately enthusiastic to help with the start-up of the non-profit organization. Marleen is co-founder of Asexual on January 15, 2020. Asexual vzw has its registered office in Ghent, but is an organisation active in every region in Belgium.

In the meantime, we also organize activities in Brussels. From August 2020 we will be organizing talks in Liège and Mons. Step by step we are expanding our activities all over Belgium.

Of course we take Covid-19 into account during these times. Since April 2020 we have been organizing online chats, both in Dutch and in French, on behalf of Covid-19 in order to maintain the connection with our members. We will continue to hold these chats in the post-Covid-19 period as they are very satisfactory.

We are currently working hard on creating multilingual leaflets, brochures and posters to prepare us for activities in 2022.


The non-profit organization is there by and for asexuals.

Asexual is a non-profit organisation for everyone on the asexual spectrum in Belgium. We are active throughout Belgium. We are building a society where asexuals can out and express themselves so that they can be themselves in their sexuality. Asexual is an association that wants to be the point of contact for asexuals and their partners, wants to support them and offers them a platform to come together.

Our core activities are organizing activities and get togethers for asexuals, offering a listening ear for everyone who has questions about asexuality, informing and raising awareness. Asexual vzw is looking at possible collaborations with other LGBTQIA+ associations in Belgium.


Asexual vzw builds a society where asexuals feel free, are equal in their rights and opportunities, and are treated accordingly.


  • To connect
  • Represent
  • Collaborate
  • Raise awareness

Our goal is to connect and represent asexuals, collaborate with other LGBTQIA+ associations and make asexuality and awareness-raising in our society visible.