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Thank you for your support in 2021. The New Year is in sight, but we are looking back for a while. The past year again had obstacles due to the Covid measures, but we are still satisfied.

We have organized many activities in Liège/Luik. Our online chats are still a success. We have found new volunteers. We have made progress with the brochure. This one is not finished yet, but the end is in sight. We have made new collaborations with other organizations. Asexuality was more in the media which makes a positive contribution to a greater awareness. We have met new members. Some members have given us a financial boost. And we have added new members. Many thanks also came our way, and that is always a pleasure.

So we are certainly satisfied and look forward to doing our best in 2022. A new year, new opportunities 🙂

Happy New Years Eve.

And a happy New Year 2022.

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