Ace Week

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This week is Ace Week. This is an annual event that puts asexuality in the spotlight. It celebrates community, but it is also a campaign for greater understanding and acceptance of people on the asexual spectrum.

The asexual community has made significant strides over the years. Asexual representation in the media continues to improve, major LGBTQ+ organizations recognize us, and asexual community groups are emerging in cities around the world.

While there is much to celebrate, the battle for visibility and acceptance is still ongoing. The asexual intercourse is often overlooked or misunderstood.

In light of this, aces (persons who are on the asexual spectrum) around the world participate in Ace Week. They create educational resources, share information on social media and organize community events. These global initiatives serve to raise awareness, spread information and spark the discussion about asexuality. More and more people are discovering ace communities every year and find acceptance, comfort and joy with them.

Ace Week runs from October 24 through October 30. You can follow an event online. View the program of Ace Week.

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