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Radio Panik is a free frenchspeaking radio that describes itself as a radio of expression and creation and as multi- and intercultural radio. It was founded in 1983 on the initiative of a group of people who campaigned against racism and for human rights.

The purpose of the broadcaster is to contribute to the socio-cultural promotion of the population in the Brussels Region. The goal is the genuine emancipation of individuals with respect for cultural differences and democratic procedures.

Since 2006, Radio Panik has been supported by the Ministry of the French Community and since 2011 recognized as an association of continuing education. Since 2008, it has also enjoyed the status of “community radio and expression with a cultural vocation or continuing education”.

Since Radio Panik is a radio of expression, she asked the non-profit organization Asexual to give an interview about asexuality. Martine Defoort addresses the theme of asexuality in French to the best of her ability in the podcast below :

Listen to the podcast :

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