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Kanaal VIER

The Flemish channel Vier will soon be broadcasting a series on relationships. An asexual Flemish couple is urgently wanted to participate.


In Flanders there are still many taboos when it comes to different forms of relationships and we would like to break them through in a new series on the Flemish channel VIER. One of the taboos we want to break is asexuality. Although other forms of relationships such as homosexuality, polyamory or open relationships are (almost) fully accepted in the meantime, there is still a lot of incomprehension for asexuality. After talking to people themselves, it has become clear that this misunderstanding comes mainly from ignorance. Because so little is said about it today, many people don’t know what it is all about.

To make these different topics open to discussion, Kat Kerkhofs – known in Flanders from various TV programs and as the wife of Red Devil Dries Mertens – will spend a weekend with a couple to see them in their own environment and to show that we are all but just be people. So I am looking for a couple who want to give Kat an insight into what asexuality is and what this does to someone.

If you are open to participate in this series, please contact us at or 0032 478 54 85 15.

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